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The Republic of South Africa is a country located at the southernmost part of Africa. It has the largest and best developed economy and infrastructure on the continent, but the extraordinary high level of violent crime and HIV crisis still remain serious problems. South Africa is a member of the Commonwealth and the United Nations.
Quick Facts
Location: Southern
Language: various
Capital: Pretoria
Government: Republic
Population: 47.4 million
Currency: Rand (ZAR)
Time zone: GMT+2
Phone code: +27
Internet TLD: .za

CIA Fact Book
Major Cities
Cape Town 2.7 million
Durban 2.4 million
Johannesburg 1.7 million
Pretoria 1.3 million
Currency Exchange
Measurement Conversion
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South Africa

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South Africa Travel & Tourist Guide
The experience of South Africa is an exotic mix of scenic landscapes, adventure activities like an African wildlife safari and vibrant big cities. Cape Town impresses the visitor with its attractions, lively culture and lifestyle.

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South Africa Transportation
The main international airport in South Africa is Johannesburg, but there are other airports as well. All major cities are accessible by train and there is an extensive long distance bus network. South Africa has a wide network of roads and motorways. There are toll roads where you must pay as you drive through toll booths. Vehicles drive on the left side of the road.

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South African Airways

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Intercape Mainliner

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History of South Africa
The Netherlands set up the first colony in South Africa, but the territories were seized by Britain in 1795. The emerging conflicts between the British and the Boers (Dutch descendants) led to two Anglo-Boer wars. The Union of South Africa was founded in 1910. The governments from 1948 legalized and extended the existing system of racial segregation and denial of rights known as the system of apartheid which existed until the 1990's.

Flag & COA
Flag of South Africa Coat of arms of South Africa
South Africa Maps
S. Africa Weather
17 °C
(63 °F)
Current weather in Cape Town: 17°C, Fog
High: 27 °C (81 °F)
Low: 16 °C (60 °F)
11 April · 06:59 SAST
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19 °C
(66 °F)
Current weather in Durban: 19°C, Fair
High: 27 °C (81 °F)
Low: 18 °C (64 °F)
11 April · 06:59 SAST
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12 °C
(54 °F)
Current weather in Johannesburg: 12°C, Fair
High: 24 °C (76 °F)
Low: 12 °C (54 °F)
11 April · 06:59 SAST
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