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Brazil Travel Articles
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Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Travel Articles:
Capoeira in Brazil
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art that combines elements of dance, fighting and rhythm. It is not known how capoeira was developed, although it is though to have either come from Africa through slaves ...

Things to do in Brazil
In Brazil you will find thousands of fascinating places to see and things to do in a country of such size. Find here what you can do in Brazil and what places are worth visiting.

Plastic Surgery in Brazil - Making The Right Choice
The past few years have seen a dramatic change in the public perception of plastic surgery, leading to a sharp increase in demand. In fact, so popular has plastic surgery become that it is hard to tur ...

Brazil - Facts for Tourists
Entry requirements and customs: Passport and a visa are required. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the end of your trip. The visa is issued by the Brazilian Consulate, but requires one ...

Attractions In Brazil
Even though Brazil covers almost half of South America a majority of its residents live on the coast. The residents of Brazil vary in ethnic orientation as well as economic status. Because of the peop ...

The Brazilian Carnival - Multifaceted And Unique
One of the biggest popular entertainments in the world was created by the fusion of European traditions with African rhythms. The celebration of carnival is a ritual that has over 10,000 years of exis ...

Brazil's Tourist Attractions
Despite its popularity, Brazil is largely unknown to a lot of people. Other spots around the world have taken the front seat in the tourism area which is incredibly sad when you consider how much Braz ...

The Diversity Of The Brazilian Beaches
Brazil has 4,600 miles of coastline, all adjacent to the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With so many dazzling beaches, you are sure to find your spot in the sand when visiting Brazil.Brazil's beac ...

Amazonas - The World's Brazilian Lungs
Amazonas covers 1.5 million kilometers of land area in Brazil, and 98% of this land has remained as it was when it was discovered. Amazonas is so large that it is bigger than most countries in the wor ...

The Tourists Attractions Of São Paulo
The city of São Paulo has been compared to the city of New York, and has just as many interesting places to go and unique things to see as New York does! São Paulo is South America's lar ...

Falls Of Foz De Iguazu - The "Cataratas De Iguazu"
In Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro and making a boundary between Argentina and Brazil, there are waterfalls known as Iguazu Falls, which are like no other waterfalls in the world. These spectacular waterf ...

The Afro-brazilian City - Salvador
The capital city of the State of Bahia, Salvador, is alive with African influence that can be seen in locally prepared dishes, ancient ceremonies and rituals that are still being conducted, as well as ...

Travel To Brazil, Go For The Thrill
Brazil is the largest and most dynamic South American country, bordering all but two of the continent's other nations. In Brazil, wild Amazon adventures can be coupled with stimulating city sights and ...

Backpackers and Brazil
If you are considering exploring South America, Brazil should be at the top of your list. Brazil is an absolute blast for backpackers given the friendly people and very happy attitude of the culture.B ...

Tips For Planning Your Holiday To Brazil
Brazil is a great place to visit at any time of the year. The weather is always excellent, and there's plenty of nightlife as well as lots of other activities for everyone. Brazil is made up of 36 sta ...

A Trip to Brazil
The culture of Brazil is rooted in the culture of Portugal. The Portuguese settlers and immigrants brought the Catholic faith, the Portuguese language and several traditions and customs that however d ...