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Vacation in San Diego
San Diego is one of the top vacation destinations in the country. If you are planning a trip to our city, here are some things you should consider doing while here.

Beaches. Obviously, most people come to San Diego to sit on the beaches. Well, you will not be disappointed. You have a lot of choices as there are all types of beaches for different sets of people, mostly age related.

If you are looking for people in their twenties and a party atmosphere, Pacific and Mission beaches are the place to be. We are talking about a beach packed with kids, volleyball, surfing and a boardwalk full of people talking and just people watching.

If you prefer a mellower beach experience, head to northern San Diego. In local lingo, it is known as North County. For a moderately populated beach with plenty of families, Del Mar is the place. If you are looking for a lot more privacy, head to Solana Beach, where you can walk a couple of hundred feet from the entrance to the beach and be on a secluded beach up against the cliffs. The same generally goes for Encinitas. To find these beaches, just ask anyone in the area.

Once you get tired of the beaches, there are plenty of other things to see in the city. During the summer, you can take in a Padres game downtown. The baseball park is new, so it is good time. Just wear sunscreen or you can get baked like a lobster.

If you prefer to do some quality people watching, Balboa Park is the place. The park is both a collection of museums and, well, a park. Many people in the downtown area hang out in the area and there are some very interesting people indeed! If you are looking for eclectic San Diego, this is about the best place to find them.

While at Balboa Park, you can take in the San Diego Zoo as well. You know, the world famous one. In truth, it is pretty much as advertised. There is an impressive collection of animals. Be prepared, however. The park is large and has a lot of elevation changes. If you are going to be walking around, you will get a work out. Buy some water and keep hydrated.

When To Go

San Diego is a favorite tourist destination because of the climate and beaches. That being said, there are better times than others to visit the city.

Hard as it is to imagine, San Diego actually has months where the weather is not so hot. No, it doesn't freeze and rain is fairly limited even in "wet" months. Still, it can be cool and overcast. San Diego is not like Hawaii where you can lay out on the beach in January and get a great tan [or sunburn]. If you are planning a visit to San Diego, here is some advice on when to come and when not to.

If the beaches are any indication, people love to visit San Diego during the summer. Given the beaches, this certainly makes sense. What many first time visitors do not know, however, is the coastline of San Diego should typically be avoided from mid-May through early July. Why? Well, we get something called June Gloom by the locals. For whatever reason, the coastline gets socked in by a grey cloud cover that is pretty depressing. It may get sunny for an hour each day, but usually no more than that.

If hitting the beaches is your thing, late summer and early fall are the times you want to visit. July is the first month of the summer we start to see consistently sunny days along the coast. August is a roaster. It gets hot, hot, hot and the beaches are packed. The same generally goes for September.

If you want to roast on the beaches of San Diego, but don't like crowds, there is one month during the year that is epic. For some reason, October in San Diego is some of the pretties weather you could possible imagine. It is 70 plus every day. The beaches are less crowded since the summer crowd of vacationers has returned home to put their kids in school. Every couple years, we can get a lot of rain in October, so make sure to check before you come. Of course, we consider three days of rain a lot, so...

If you are thinking about a vacation to San Diego, you really can't go wrong. Avoid June and you should have a great time.
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