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Packing Only The Essentials For Your Vacation
More and more, airlines are losing luggage at record rates. To prevent this from happening to you, you can pack one of your carry one bags with all of your clothing and necessities for your vacation. This way, you can enjoy your vacation and not worry about your lost luggage.

Sort Items Into 3 Separate Piles

There is a method for packing light. The first thing is to put your clothing and items in three separate piles such as "definitely need", "probably need", and "sort of need". To affectively judge what items go into which piles, just think about what you would need for your destination. For example, if you are traveling to Hawaii you would definitely need a swimsuit since you will more than likely spend time on the beach, so your swimsuit will go into the "definitely need" pile. On the other hand if you are going to Alaska, you wouldn't be spending time lounging on a beach in your swimsuit, so your swimsuit would go into the sort of need pile. After you determine the correct piles for your items, get rid of everything in the "sort of need" pile, remove half of the items in the "probably need" pile, and keep all of the items in the "definitely need" pile. Now, you would have half of the items than you originally started.

If you still have too much for a carry on, there are other ways you can remove unnecessary items such as getting rid of widely available inexpensive items, choosing a color scheme for your clothes, and using a washing machine.

Get Rid of Items You Can Purchase Inexpensively Anywhere

Another way to remove any unnecessary items is to get rid of anything that you can purchase for a small price. If you were traveling to a resort hotel or a city, you can avoid taking shampoo, soap, film, disposable cameras, or sunscreen because you can cheaply purchase these items at any gift shop, pharmacy, or convenient store.

Choose a Color Scheme For Your Outfits

By a color scheme, you can eliminate shoes and accessories that go with certain outfits. The best way of choosing a color scheme is by deciding between black, brown, navy, or khaki. Black clothing looks great with colder colors such as light pinks, light blues, light greens, etc. However if you decide on brown, it looks great with warmer colors such as salmon, turquoise, army green, etc. But if you prefer navy or khaki, you can wear either warmer or colder colors that naturally go with it.

Clean Your Clothes

If your destination has a washing machine, you can always clean a few loads of laundry. This means, you can bring less clothes with you, which decreases the amount of stuff you have to bring.
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