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Hotels Travel Articles
Articles > Miscellaneous > Hotels

Hotels Travel Articles:
Luxury Travel and Luxury Hotels Are for You
It looks like the time has come to engage in a bit of high-class travel, and maybe a fantastic luxury hotel stay. With the global drop in travel over the last year, there's never been a better time to do it, in fact. So, if luxury travel and luxury hotels are for you - especially a palace like the Mandarin Oriental, for instance -- know that there's no great secret to indulging in a bit of it, even if only as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All You Need Is Love - And a Great Hotel
February, 2008 – On a Valentine's Day getaway, a loved one expects nothing but the best - and that includes the hotel. With that in mind, the boutique and luxury hotels booking site Luxique has ...

Enjoy A Hotel Break With A Difference
Hotels may have begun by simply offering the weary traveller a place to lay their head at the end of a busy day, but in the interests of attracting more visitors, some hotels have upped the ante, opti ...

The World's Tallest Hotels
The United States was once synonymous with having the largest incarnation of just about anything you could think of - whether it was the world's largest ball of string or the tallest free-standing str ...

Experience Stunning Hotel Views Across the World
Once you've decided where you're taking your holiday this year, choosing the hotel at which you want to stay can prove difficult. One member of your holiday party might want to stay in a hotel that's ...

Hotel Suites: The Only Way To Go For True Luxury
When it comes to luxury hotel experiences, it's important to filter out the truly pleasurable from the more affected hotel offerings. For many years, for instance, boutique hotels have been seen as th ...

It Doesn't Cost Much To Stay In A Hotel Suite
Staying in a hotel suite needn't be a costly affair. After all, hotels don't exist as solely money-making organisations, but also act as human institutions which aim to serve people. The best hotels u ...

Cheap Hotels
Really cheap hotels in Paris or New York might be hard to come by. But outside of Europe and North America there are some great accommodation options on offer for the budget traveler looking for a bit ...

Westin Hotels Facilities Reach Beyond Expectations
Whether you are on vacation or business the hotel in which you stay will make a great difference in your experience of the city, performance in your activities and overall enjoyment of the place. A ho ...

Research Pet Friendly Hotels
Sometimes you just don't want to leave your pet alone when you go on vacation. It may be that you're going on an extended trip, or that you plan to be taking an outdoor vacation where having your dog ...

Read Hotel Reviews Before Making A Reservation
Before you schedule your vacation in uncharted areas, try to find hotel reviews that can give you an idea of what you will be getting into. Many times travel websites will allow previous users to post ...

How To Make Your Hotel Reservations Online
Very often, a vacation would mean visiting a place which is totally foreign to you. The better and more famous your destination, the more difficult might be to get the hotel reservations you're lookin ...

How To Find The Best Hotel Deals
When you are scheduling your vacation or business trip, take a little extra time to search for hotel deals to be able to spend more money on other portions of your trip. Remember that cheap does not a ...

Hilton Hotels Are Luxurious And Expanding
Hilton Hotels is a company that manages properties all around the world. This company has long been a symbol of excellence and elegance. Hilton has properties in the most glamorous cities in the wor ...

Discount Hotels Don't Mean A Reduction In Comfort
Every penny saved is a penny earned. Hence, those who are looking for discount hotels are not actually misers, but people who want good value for their hard-earned money. After all, how much time dur ...

No More Holiday Blues
I have always wondered why Chris Isaac wrote the song, "Blue Hotel." Perhaps he was on a trip somewhere and there was no room in the plush Five Star, so he opted for the reasonably priced hotel. The r ...

Unique Hotels Around The World
Though hotels are all similar in that they all have beds and other accommodations to make staying there much more homelike, there are some very unique hotels in various parts of the world that challen ...

Marriott Hotels: History and Overview
Marriott International was established in 1993 when the Marriot Corporation split into two different companies, with the other company being named Host Marriott Corporation. In 1995 Marriott Internati ...

The History of Hilton Hotels
Hilton Hotels are upscale, full service properties catering to business travel and leisure guests. They are a chain of over 500 hotels all over the world from Rome to Omaha. Hilton Hotels are enjoying ...

Resort Condo Hotels As A Vacation Home
The latest trend in vacation homes or second homes is the resort condo hotel. According to NAR, investment homes accounted for a quarter of all home purchases in 2004, and vacation home purchases an a ...

Tips On Pet Friendly Hotels And Motels
It is easier than you think to find pet friendly hotels and pet friendly motels when traveling with your pets. Although many hotel establishments still don't allow pets of any kind in their rooms, the ...

Luxury Hotels And Condo Hotels Around The World
There are many gorgeous luxury hotels and condo hotels worldwide. Because most condo hotels are or were luxury hotels, you get outstanding amenities and spectacular views in wonderful locations. The m ...

Hotel Star Ratings
Hotel Star Ratings are used as a general guideline to rate hotels, there are no universal standard methods of rating hotels around the world. Star ratings should not be used in isolation, before final ...

Changing Fashions Within the Luxury Hotel Industry
In today's modern world of hotel spas, long weekends, holiday resorts, design and boutique hotels, the term luxury has seemingly become commonplace. Even within the more terrestrial housing industry t ...

The Boutique Hotel: A Unique Experience
Although travel has always been an ancient pastime, the rapid development of the aeroplane in the twentieth century has changed the way ordinary people travel for good. As a result, the modern notion ...