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Save Up Those Frequent Flyer Miles And Go To Space
It would appear that we now have three new planets in the solar system. If you save up a lot of frequent flyer miles, you may be able to go where no man has before with them.

In the world of science, there has been a great debate going on about a fairly basic issue in the universe. The issue? What exactly is a planet? It turns out nobody has really been able to agree on the definition with the particular sticking point being the object known as Pluto. Well, the powers that be have gathered and apparently are going to keep Pluto as a planet. In fact, they have come up with a technical definition that will apparently add a few more objects to the planet count. All of this, of course, brings up the issue of space travel.

Are you aware space is a potential travel destination for your next trip? Well, perhaps a trip in a few years. Richard Branson of the Virgin company empire has really taken a liking to the prospect. In fact, he has started a new company devoted to the idea of taking people into space. The company is known as Virgin Galactic. Forget the mile high club, we are now talking about the 100 mile high club!

In 2008, Virgin Galactic is scheduled to start taking people into space. Alas, this is no the stuff of Star Wars or Star Trek. There will be no jaunts around the solar system and definitely no beaming up of bodies. Instead, Virgin Galactic will take you up to a height that is technically called space where you will experience zero gravity just like the astronauts of government inspired space trips.

The cost of a trip with Virgin Galactic is not for the meek. At a whopping $250,000 a trip, you better have a really big bank account. If you do not, you always have the opportunity to start working on that fee through frequent flyer miles. Yes, Mr. Branson is at it again. If you can somehow accumulate 2 million frequent flyer miles with his Virgin Atlantic airline, he will throw in a trip to space for free. What a deal!

Growing up, I was led to believe we would all be floating around in hovering cars by now. I guess we all will just have to rack up some frequent flyer miles to get into space instead.
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