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Barcelona Travel Articles
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Barcelona Travel Articles:
7 Places You Must Visit in Barcelona This Summer
Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/parc-guell-gaud%C3%AD-barcelona-spain-332390/The summer is here with us, and so are the vacations. Every year, visitors storm the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona t ...

Holiday in Barcelona
Barcelona is second in size and population to Spain's prominent capital Madrid. Such a contrast to its humble beginning of a town built upon a small hill with less than 1000 inhabitants in 15 - 10 B.C ...

Planning an Artist's Holiday in Barcelona
The Mediterranean city of Barcelona is a haven for lovers of architecture, food and culture. However, it's also a Mecca for those with an artistic flair, and while Madrid has El Prado, Barcelona has much, much more.

Top 10 Barcelona Buildings
The Catalan capital of Barcelona is famous for many things, one of them being its stunning architecture. Many visitors to the city will have heard of Antonin Gaudi, who was responsible for many of the city's most famous buildings, but there is more under the hood to discover, read on to find out more.

Carnival in Barcelona and Sitges, Spain
If someone mentioned the word Carnival, you'd likely think straight away in Brazil and South American countries. However, in Northern Spain in Barcelona and the surrounding area, the parties celebrated in February can rival those in Rio!

Taxi Scam in Barcelona - How to Avoid Being Taken for a Ride!
Arriving in any foreign city for a holiday, one of the first things you need to do is find transportation to your accommodation. This is often the first opportunity to be taken for a ride - literally and figuratively, with taxi scams. Here's how to avoid this happening to you in Barcelona.

Barcelona is Cruise Capital - And it's Getting Bigger.
Barcelona is Spain has an important port which provides a massive injection of finance to the city and Catalonia as a whole, but it's the other side of the port which has been attracting more attention recently - the cruise terminals.

Summer Festivals in Barcelona
The Mediterranean City of Barcelona is a fantastic city to visit for a short break and maintains its position as one of the top city breaks in Europe. However, if the summer sunshine wasn't a good enough reason to visit, there are also some great annual festivals to get you in the party mood, too. Read on for the lowdown.

Barcelona's L'Eixample for Beginners
Right then, L'Eixample. It's a funny sort of place, a vast collection of right angles and confused looking people that have come off at the wrong metro exit and can't work out which way to turn to get ...

Five Ways Not to Insult the Locals in Barcelona
As a visitor to any foreign city, high on everyone's list is to be able to blend in with the locals and pass an enjoyable time in your destination. However, it's not always easy to know how not to offend the locals and you can sometimes put your foot in it without realising. Here are some tips for Barcelona in Spain.

The Hidden Beauties of Montjüic - Barcelona's Mountain Park
Almost every visitor to Barcelona takes a trip up to Montjüic. The fantastic views overlooking the city from its peak are reward for making the trip via the cable car, but there is so much more that the Jewish Mountain has to offer. Read on for more details.

Exploring Montjüic - Barcelona's Mountain of Treasures
Many people familiar with Barcelona will be able to roll off the tongue the likes of Gaudi, Eixample and Montjüic, one of Barcelona's two rising hills, but what is actually up there? Let's take a closer look.

Barcelona's Hidden Parks and Gardens
For many people, visiting a large and popular city like Barcelona in Spain and wanting to escape for a little time with nature is a must, but can often be tricky as nowhere ever seems quiet enough. That's because they don't know about the little secret gardens the city has to offer.

The Outdoor Type in Barcelona
Making the assumption that Barcelona is like a typical urban metropolis is probable half right, but the Mediterranean city also has some excellent green spaces to escape to. Read on to fill yourself in!

A Night Tour of Barcelona - Lights and Magic!
The Mediterranean city of Barcelona has such a wealth of history, art and culture, that every visitor leaves feeling lucky to have seen such a wonderful place in the Spanish sunshine. However, it's even more special at night!

Barcelona Cruise Passengers - Planning a Modern Architecture Tour
The Catalan Capital of Barcelona in Spain has sharp found itself at the top of many a cruise passenger's list of must-see cities, and it's easy to see why.

Barcelona in Spain - An Artistic Tour
Spain has produced some of the world's finest artists, and the city pays homage to many of these greats in various museums around the city. Here's what you don't want to miss.

Managing your Finances on your Barcelona Holiday
One of the main worries for many people when travelling is financing the trip itself. Budget planning can go out of the window on a whim or a special treat, and if you're on a well-deserved holiday, w ...

Barcelona Cruise Passengers - Planning a History Tour
The Romans formed the old city of Barcino on top of Mons Taber hill in the year 15BC, and remnants of this old city can still be seen in the city's Gothic Quarter. Fortunately for cruise passengers, t ...

Barcelona Cruise Passengers - Planning a Gaudi Day
Cruising into Barcelona is an exciting prospect for every passenger, with a wealth of culture, art, gastronomy and history awaiting. However, due to time constraints, many passengers are restricted to ...

Animals of Barcelona in History
Now you might think that this is an article all about the Barcelona, zoo, in which case youd be a little far off lets look at the animals in Barcelona Folklore up to the present time.

5 Beaches in and Near Barcelona You Must Visit
Barcelona is home to some of the best beaches in Spain and boasts four main beach areas that cover more than four kilometres of the citys coastline. There are many other beautiful beaches in the area ...

Amazing Churches in Barcelona
The Mediterranean city of Barcelona is famous for its stunning architecture and sprawling urban landscape, and with so many different places to visit in a short stay, its difficult to know how to choose. Heres some information about the amazing churches the city has to offer.

Virtual Tours of Barcelona
What if it was possible to fly over your next holiday destination, stopping to check on those places of interest, and even go inside to have a peek? Wouldnt that make your holiday planning easier? Well, in Barcelona in Spain, you can do just that. Read on to find out more.

Save Money Eating in Barcelona
Today's savvy traveller knows how to find the cheapest flight to the top destination, find the best location for accommodation and at the best price, so what about when you get there? Here are some tips for saving money on food in Barcelona, Spain.

Best Barcelona Tapas
With such an abundance of restaurants in a city like Barcelona, its difficult to know what kind of food to choose never mind where to go. A diner is really spoilt for choice when it comes to quality restaurants. So what about Tapas Bars? Read on to find out more!

Concert Venues in Barcelona
The Catalan Capital of Barcelona is a vibrant city, with amazing nightlife and an International feel, but its also a great place to see live Music. Read on to find out more.

Barcelona Festivals
The Spanish are well known for celebrating their festivals. Who can forget the famous Bull Runs in the streets of Pamplona for San Fermin, or the crazy Tomatina in Valencia. Well, Barcelona is no exception to the rule, and has some great festivals too. Read on to find out more.

Getting the Best Seafood in Barcelona
Nestled on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea is the bustling city of Barcelona. With a wealth of seafood on offer, its difficult to know where to start to get the best. Heres what you need to know.

Choosing your Barcelona Accommodation
Your enjoyment of visiting a city can be heavily influenced by where you stay and I dont necessarily mean the neighbourhood. Heres the low down on your choices of accommodation in the Catalan Capital of Barcelona.

Romantic Ideas for Dinner in Barcelona
The Barcelona restaurant scene is buzzing with such an eclectic mix of cuisines and tastes that picking up a guide book can often make you more confused than help. Here are my tips for some top romantic ideas for dinner in Barcelona.

Wheelchair Users in Barcelona
Visiting any new city needs some planning and advice is often needed in terms of navigating the city. Heres some specific advice for wheelchair users in Barcelona.

5 Attractions you must see in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain has so much to offer the tourist and the city is full of beautiful examples of Spanish art, architecture and culture. There is so much to do in Barcelona in fact that it can sometimes ...

Choosing a location for your Barcelona Holiday
The location of your holiday accommodation when visiting a city can play a huge part in your overall enjoyment of visiting that location especially if its a city. A wrong choice can see you spend needless hours on public transport or worse, still, end up at party central and get no sleep. Heres a heads up for the Catalan Capital of Barcelona.

Hitting the town with Barcelonas Nightclubs.
Barcelona is one of Europes top destinations for a holiday. Great food, amazing architecture, beaches and parks and the cultural mix of immigrant nationalities make the Catalan Capital first on many a list of stops for a trip to Europe. And thats not forgetting the unbeatable nightlife. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Swimming in Barcelona
Now from the title of the article, you might be thinking that this will be an introduction to the best beaches to swim in when visiting the Catalan Capital of Barcelona, In fact, there are some great places to swim in outside the beach area, heading back into town. Read on to find out more.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona
Mediterranean Cuisine is the envy of the world, and Barcelona is a hub of International cuisine, too. However, what about those visiting who are not meat-eaters? Read on to find the un-missable eateries in the Catalan Capital.

Catalan Cuisine Local Specialities from Barcelona
Mediterranean cuisine is world famous the mix of fresh vegetables, fish and local grown produce is a mouth-watering prospect for any visitor to Spain. Catalonia is no exception, with many of its own specialities found no-where else in Spain. Heres the low-down on what to ask for when you visit Barcelona.

Live Music in Barcelona
With such a diverse cultural and ethnic mix in Barcelona, its no surprise that the Music scene offers some fantastic places and just about every rhythm to dance to in the Catalan Capital. From Salsa to Blues, Rock & Roll to Jazz, Barcelona has it all on the live Music scene. Here are some of the best places to go:

Best Bookshops in Barcelona
With so many shops in Barcelona, its hard to find the right place for your holiday read, if you happen to have forgotten a book. Rest assured that if you have any free time left from the amazing sights Barcelona has to offer, heres the best places to hunt out a special treat.

Shopping with Children in Barcelona
The Catalan Capital of Barcelona is a great place for shopping with many of the central shopping areas only for pedestrians, making it very easy to get around without worrying about traffic troubles, and therefore is an ideal place to travel with children. Read on to find out more.

The 5 Elements of Barcelona
The Catalan Capital of Barcelona is a very popular city to visit, and its easy to see why. Heres a look at the basic elements of nature ever-present in the city.

Gaudi Focus Casa Mila in Barcelona
Barcelona has many wonderful buildings and many of them have been designed by the Catalan architect Antonin Gaudi. One of the best buildings in terms of challenging the laws of modern architecture is Casa Mila. Read on to find out why.

Barcelona Gaudi Focus - Casa Battló
After a visit to Barcelona, you will inevitably take away with you one lasting impression about Antonin Gaudi after seeing some of his works dotted around the city – that he was a genius, and wa ...

The Whole of Spain is Inside Barcelona
Poble Espanyol, or the "Spanish Village", was originally built for the International Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1929, and was due to be demolished afterwards. Fortunately the popularity of the vi ...

Barcelona Giants
A stroll down Barcelona's famous promenade, Las Ramblas, is a must for any visitor to the city. There is an attraction around half way down which many sightseers will stop to photograph and explore &n ...

The Best Ways to Get Tickets for a FC Barcelona Football Game
FC Barcelona has Europe's biggest football/soccer stadiums. Built in the 1950s, Camp Nou, or the New Camp has earned the fans of Barcelona the nickname of "Les Cules" – literally meaning "the ar ...

Barcelona Nightlife - The Lowdown on Hitting the Town in the Catalan Capital
Due to the ever-changing music scene in the Catalan Capital of Barcelona, it would be unwise to detail a list of the best clubs in Barcelona in this article, as it would go out of date so quickly. Ins ...

Popular Restaurants in Barcelona
Barcelona has some great restaurants; too many to detail in this article, and some of my personal favourites (which I'll save for another article) are the most humble and hearty local places that most ...

A Gaudi Tour of Barcelona - Navigating Your Way Round the Most Famous Sights of Barcelona
Fascinating culture and museums, beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, and some wonderful parks and gardens are all to explore in Barcelona – not to mention the famous works of Antonin Gaudi, so hi ...

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