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Germany Travel Articles
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Germany Travel Articles:
Upper Bavaria: Going Hiking? Try This!
Upper Bavaria has a variety of attractions although many people come to the area for hiking. When walking, Germany has many areas which are ideal for active holidays and Upper Bavaria is just one of t ...

Eastern Bavaria: Not a Lederhosen in Sight...
When taking a holiday Eastern Bavaria has much to offer those who are looking for something a little more off the beaten track. The traditional image of this area of Germany is very different to the r ...

Backpacking in Germany
Travelers exploring Germany certainly aren't short of attractions and culture to occupy their time; from bustling, bohemian metropolises to picturesque countryside and idyllic Bavarian castles, the co ...

Saxon Switzerland - Nature's Adventure Playground
Saxon Switzerland is mostly about escape; about swinging your backpack over your shoulder and heading off into the unknown. It's letting the fresh mountain air blow your worries away and the closeness ...

Dresden Travel Guide - Things to See
Dresden was Germany's cultural center. On the last day of WW2, it was senselessly destroyed by US and British bombers in retaliation for a German bombing. It must have been one of the most beautiful ...

Potsdam Travel Guide - Sights to See
The Baroque town of Potsdam on the Havel River is a 3 star attraction. From the beginning of the 18th century, it was the residence and garrison town of the Prussian kings. World attention focused on ...

Visit Germany - Frankfurt and Cologne
Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt was completely destroyed during WW2. Today, it's a very modern looking city visited mostly by businessmen, or by tourists who stop here on their way to some place else. If y ...

The Romantic Road Tour And Rhine River Cruise
The popular "Romantic Road" tour can begin at Munich by bus, and change to river cruise at Mainz, and terminate at Koblenz. The tour is free with the eurail pass. "Romanticism", the great nostalgia of ...

Heidelberg Travel Guide - Things to See
Heidelberg is located in the valley of the Neckar where the rivers mirror an entrancing succession of feudal castles, vineyards, cathedrals and palaces. To the east are the low hills of the Swabian Fo ...

The Destroyed City - Dresden
Dresden is the capital of Saxony and one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Someone called it "Florence-on-Elba" and, really, like Florence, Dresden was known for its architecture and art treasu ...

Sightseeing Through Historic Cities In Germany
Ever wonder what it would be like to experience life in Germany? If you want to experience the culture of the historical cities of Germany, it is a good idea to look at the points of interest in the m ...

Travel To Germany: The Pulse Of European History
Germany has long been a mover and shaker of European history, creating waves in time for the rest of the continent to ride out. From Charlemagne and Otto von Bismarck to Nazism and the Cold War, Germa ...

Traveling Around Bavaria
Bavaria is Germany's largest state and is located in the southern region of the country. There are resorts, hotels and private rentals located throughout the state. The first step is to decide which a ...

Visit Stuttgart to Discover a City of Easy Contrast
Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Würtemberg and is beautifully positioned at the edge of the Black Forest; and as one of Germany's leading industrial cities, it is a hive for both h ...

Traveling in Germany
The distinct prestige and popularity that Germany enjoys as a prime destination for vacationers makes it a distinctly friendly country to enjoy relatively hassle-free in-country travel options. Travel ...

Travel To Germany
Germany continues to gain popularity worldwide as a tourist destination for vacationers around the world. Germany's unique culture, friendly people, and distinctive destinations are just a few of the ...

German Laws Affecting Travelers
Know the German LawsGermany's popularity as a world-renowned vacation destination continues to grow exponentially. Each year, more people visit Germany from hundreds of countries spread throughout the ...

Germany's Top Tourist Attractions
Millions of visitors flock to Germany each year, and as each year passes that number grows larger. The United States alone accounts for almost 3 million visitors each year. Visitors to Germany come fo ...

Frankfurt Overview
Frankfurt, Germany enjoys the prestige of being known as a major business and economic hub not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole. Frankfurt houses the second largest commercial airport in Eur ...