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France Travel Articles
Articles > Europe > France

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France Travel Articles:
Holidays in Languedoc-Roussillon
Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the 26 regions of France, spreading from the Spanish border to the Cote d'Azur. As well as being home to some beautiful stretches of coastline and popular summer beaches ...

Holidays in Seine-Saint-Denis
Seine-Saint-Denis is an area of the Ile-de-France region, located just to the northeast of Paris. The area is home to some innovative museums aimed at the tourists and residents of Paris and sports fa ...

Holidays in Essonne, Ile de France
Essonne is a departement in the Ile de France, named after the river that runs through the area. The region is home to a number of historic castles and beautiful forests, but there are also a number o ...

Holidays in Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, France
Located in East Brittany, on the border with Normandy, Ille-et-Vilaine boasts a stunning coastline and fine culture, especially around the city of Rennes. Running from the Dinard and Saint-Malo, Ille- ...

Holidays in Jura, Franche-Comte, France
Jura is part of the region of Franche-Comte is the eastern area of Burgundy. Visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery in the Jura Mountains and there are many lakes, rivers and waterfalls, which can be ex ...

Holidays in Doubs, Franche-Comte, France
Doubs is a department in the region of Franche-Comte in eastern France, located near the historic area of Burgundy. The area is home to the ancient towns of Besancon and Montbeliard, with their famous ...

Holidays in Franche-Comte
The area known as Franche-Comte is in the east of France, was once part of the ancient kingdom of Burgundy. The region is well known for winter sports in the Jura Mountains and is also home to many la ...

Holidays in Haute-Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Haute-Marne is a department located in the Champagne-Ardenne region in northeast France and is named after the Marne River that has its source in the area and flows through the medieval town of Langre ...

Holidays in Grasse, Provence, France
Grasse is located in the Provence hills about 15 km from the Cote d’Azur. The town has long been known as a centre for manufacturing perfume thanks to the perfect conditions for growing a wide varie ...

Holidays in the Hautes-Alpes, Provence, France
The Hautes-Alpes area is dominated by the mountains that share its name. Outdoor activities are very popular in the region, from skiing in the winter to climbing, sailing and hiking in the summer. Bec ...

Holidays in Yonne, Burgundy, France
The Yonne region of France is located just an hour away from Paris and is home to some of the world's most famous wines and other gastronomic specialities. It is also home to many chateaux, historic c ...

Holidays in Aube, Champagne Ardenne, France
Aube is a department in northeast France located in the Champagne region of the country. The main town in the region, Troyes, has a beautiful historic centre and the area in general is famous for its ...

Holidays in Alpes de Haute-Provence, France
Alpes de Haute-Provence is a mountainous department in the south of France just north of the popular tourist destinations along the Cote d’Azur. The area is known for its outdoor sports and architec ...

Holidays in Haute-Corse, Corsica, France
The area of Haute-Corse is the name of the northern part of the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean off the southwest coast of France. Corsican people are very independent and the island has some a ...

Holidays in Corse du Sud, Corsica
Corse du Sud is the name of the department that makes up the southern part of the island of Corsica. The main towns in this region are Ajaccio, ancestral home of Napoleon Buonaparte, and Bonifacio, a ...

Champagne-Ardenne Holidays in France
Champagne-Ardenne is a region in the northeast of France, bordering Belgium and consisting of four departements, Aube, Haute-Marne, Marne and Ardennes. As the name suggests, the region is home to the ...

Holidays in the Ardennes
Ardennes is a region in northern Europe that spreads over Belgium and Luxembourg and into France. Because of its position at the borders of so many nations, the region has changed hands many times thr ...

Holidays in Corsica
Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the southwest coast of France. The island is famous as the birthplace of Napoleon and it is still possible to visit his home in the town of Ajaccio. A ...

Holidays in Puy-de-Dome, France
Puy-de-Dome is a department in the centre of France. It is named after Puy-de-Dome, which is a very famous dormant volcano. It is one of the original 83 departments that were created during the French ...

Holidays in Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Marne is a department within the northeastern French region of Champagne-Ardenne and is home to most of the area's famous champagne houses, such as Moet and Chandon and Mercier. Along with the famous ...

Holidays in Nievre
Nievre, a department in the heart of France, is dominated by nature. There are numerous vineyards in the region, most of which can be visited or which organise tours and wine tasting events.

Holidays in Champagne-Ardenne, France
Most people visiting the Champagne-Ardenne region will be there for one thing only; the bubbles! But there's much more to this area in northeast France than expensive fizz. There are beautiful towns, historic buildings, museums and stunning scenery.

Holidays in the Ardennes, France
The Ardennes Mountains, which give this region its name, stretch throughout Belgium, Germany and into France. Its position has put it at the centre of many of Europe's major conflicts through the cent ...

Holidays in Morbihan, Brittany
Located in the south of Brittany, Morbihan boasts attractions that are centuries old. The entire region has one most impressive megalithic sites in the world, with the sheer numbers of menhirs and dol ...

Holidays in Cote d'Or, Burgundy, France
Burgundy may be the centre of France's wine-producing industry, but at its heart is Cote d'Or. Stretching throughout Burgundy, from Dijon to Beaune, the Cote d'Or combines the best of the region - fin ...

Holidays in Finistere, Brittany
Located in the far northwest of France and known as the country's "Land's End", Finistere is the coastal region of Brittany. Blessed with a diverse ecosystem, both on land and sea, Finistere is a natu ...

Holidays in Cotes-d'Armor, Bittany, France
Cotes-d'Armor is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on 4th of March 1790. It is a department in the north of Brittany, in the northwestern France that was created ...

Brittany Holidays
Brittany is a diverse and cultural region that lies in the northwestern region of France. The area of Brittany is characterized as one of the 6 Celtic nations that where. Less, Lesser or Little Britai ...

Holidays in Burgundy
Mention Burgundy, and the first thing you think of is wine. It is not surprising really, Burgundy wine is famed all over the world and wines such as Chablis and Beaune come from this area of France.

Holidays in Auvergne, France
Auvergne is an extensive region of Central France. It is one of the 26 administrative regions of France. Clemont-Ferrand is the capital of the region. Home to two Regional Natural Parks namely the Auv ...

Holidays in Bas-Rhin, Alsace
Bas-Rhin meaning lower Rhine is one of the oldest of the French departments. Although densely populated this region offers array of picturesque sites ranging from hills and mountain forests to ruined ...

Holidays in Alsace
Alsace is one of the most industrialized regions in France. Historically, this province was used by the Romans for viticulture. Currently situated at the junction between France and Germany this happe ...

Holidays in Haut-Rhin, Alsace
Haut-Rhin department happens to fall on the southern side of Alsace. The Haut-Rhin is ideally suited who wish to take a week long vacation and trace the entire wine trail enjoying the delights of local culture and cuisines.

Dordogne Holidays
Dordogne department is located in the region Aquitaine on the southwestern side of France. Dordogne is said to contain some of the best kept secret palaces and castles in France.

Holidays in Aquitaine
Aquitaine comes on the south western part of France. It has Pyrenees mountain range along the Spanish border on south side and Atlantic Ocean on the western portion.

Holidays in Brittany, France
Brittany is a peninsula located in the north-western part of France which is a magnificent place to visit. It is a home of rich French history, Located in between the English Channel to the north and ...

5 Places to Go Camping in France
France is home to some quit stunning scenery and a wonderful country for enjoying the outdoors, Add onto that the French food and wines and you begin to see the attraction of France as a camping and o ...

Visiting Dordogne 10 Reasons to holiday in Dordogne
Dordogne is one of the most beautiful regions in France. With its stunning castles and lush forests, Dordogne has the appearance of having emerged straight out of a fairytale. There are many monuments, Chateaux, and rustic villages dotting the region and visitors to the area will enjoy the architecture and scenery in Dordogne. Listed below are some of the best reasons for visiting this part of France.

10 Must See Things in the Provence Area of France
Provence has a range of attractions to offer tourists such as its scenic beauty, quaint European villages and heritage sites. Visitors are sure to enjoy the magnificence of this beautiful and versatile Southern French region. Here are some ideas to make the most of your vacation.

10 Reasons to Visit Dordogne in France
This beautiful fairy tale region in the south west of France is famous for its castles, Chteaux and other monuments, reminiscing an ancient era. Visitors are sure to be captivated by its quaint villages, scenery and architecture as well. Here are some reasons you should visit Dordogne.

10 Family Vacation Ideas for the South of France
The South of France is a charming amalgamation of archaic and contemporary Europe. Home to several celebrated Victorian artists, this sun kissed coastal holiday locale is on the wish list of every world traveller. Here are some vacation ideas to make your holiday here memorable.

Cycling Holidays in France
Cycling holidays in France allow one the opportunity to see the country from a unique perspective. A cycling holiday is a sightseeing vacation without the hustle and bustle of impatient drivers and bu ...

A Guide to Chamonix, France
Chamonix is a town located in the eastern part of France in the Haute-Savoie department. A spotlight was first cast on this little town during the 1924 when they hosted the Winter Olympics and showed ...

The Cuisine of Provence - The Hidden Richness
For years Provencal cooking has been relegated to a poor substitute for the rich cuisine of Burgundy and northern France. "Of course", gastronomes would say, in condescending tones, "it's very healthy ...

Disneyland Paris - EuroDisney
To make a break at one of the many Paris hostels truly magical, visitors could head out to Marne-la-Vale where Disneyland Paris is located. Situated 20 miles from the centre of the city and an easy tr ...

Skiing Guide to Mont Blanc, France
Mont Blanc, meaning White Mountain, is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe with its highest summit at 4,180m. Mont Blanc is unique in the sense that it has two sides, the French and Italian si ...

Secrets of Food in the Languedoc
The Languedoc is a vast area stretching from the Camargue in the east to the borders of Catalan Spain in the South and in the North to Toulouse and Albi; it covers a great diversity of food and cookin ...

Getting Out Into Nature While In France
When most people think of France, they picture quaint cafes and the rest of Paris, but there is a lot more to this country than just city life – such as the beautiful countryside.Roaming the cou ...

Holidaying in Collioure, South of France
Collioure - a visually spectacular traditional French fishing village. On the Mediterranean - at the beach. Indulge yourself in art, French and Catalan culture, great food and wine, twice-weekly market...

Visit France - Rouen, Normandy, Brittany
Rouen: This medieval town is associated with Joan of Arc, and later with the painter Monet. See Rouen Cathedral, which was consecrated in 1063 and was painted at every hour of the day in all types of ...

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