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Bali's Islands And Natural Treasures
Thinking about traveling to somewhere different on your next vacations? Then here is an interesting option for you: Bali.

Bali is found in Indonesia and is arguably one of the most beautiful and peaceful tourist resorts on earth. People enjoy visiting Bali because unlike other tropical destinations, Bali hasn't been broken into an array of hotels and water front resorts. The people of Bali take pride in their land and exhibit this in many ways.

One way that they do this is through their art. Local art is a cornerstone of life in Bali and it's also one of the first things most tourists notice. Everything from paintings to woodwork can be found in Bali. Dance is also a fundamental part of life in Bali and it's not uncommon to see local people engaged in a ritualistic dance.

The people who live in Bali don't normally speak English which can make the stay interesting for those who only speak the language. They speak Balinese but when staying at a hotel you will have the ability to converse in English with the staff. The native tongue is lovely to listen to though.

The water around Bali is pure heaven. You can stand near the edge and look out onto a sea of brilliant blue among the coral reefs. If you are particularly adventurous you can even arrange to travel by boat out into the water.

One of the most amazing sights you'll witness while in Bali is the serene beaches. Much of the sand in Bali is white. For someone venturing there from North America, where the sand is a dingy brown, this is a delight. Not to be outdone, there are also beaches in Bali, mainly in the southern regions that boast black sand.

Traveling around Bali can prove to be an adventure. Transportation is fast and efficient in the urban areas but when you wander into the more rural settings you'll find yourself faced with an unending maze of country roads. These are best left to the natives as they know how to navigate from point a to point b without getting lost. You can arrange for a private tour of the islands of Bali and if you have the resources to do this, it's a wonderful way to fully experience the area.

The people of the islands of Bali are very cordial. They welcome visitors and you'll often find them sitting selling their wares.

It's been said that once you visit Bali it's very difficult to leave. The pure beauty of the surroundings and the climate make it a tiny corner of serenity. If you get a chance to visit the islands of Bali don't let the opportunity pass you by.
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Author of this article is Naldo Camaronez. To find more information and resources visit: Travel Viaje Magazine.
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