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Tour in Egypt

Cairo is not only the largest city in Africa and the capitol of Egypt, it is also the political and cultural pivot of the Arab world. Its Egypt Tours and Jordan Tourspopulation of around 15 million has grown five fold within a generation as people have poured in from the villages in search of opportunities.

New bridges, flyovers and an excellent metro system keep the city from grinding to a halt, and there is constant new building. The most modern part of the city lies close to the Nile, which provides the heartbeat of Cairo. Further east, towards the Moqattam Hills, is the medieval city of splendid mosques and thronging bazaars, founded by the Fatimid's in AD 969.

To the south is the now pruinous Fustat, the earliest Arab settlement, built when the invaded Egypt around AD 641. Westwards, beyond the spraql of Giza, the Pyramids gloq gold at sundown against the western desert, as they have done for 1,700,000 evenings past.


Aswan lies at the southern tip of Upper Egypt and is home to the High Dam which supplies Egypt with most of its water and electricity. The layer of sandstone covering Upper Egypt from Edfu southwards is ruptured here by rhe thrust of underlying granite which the river has sculpted into the rocks and islands of the First Cataract. Throughout history, this is where traffic on the Nile stopped, where cargoes had to be transported round the rocks. Aswan became the entrepot for the African trade.


Luxor is one of the most popular tourist destinations and offers the richest collections of Egyptian treasures. The name Luxor is loosely applied by travelers to include three distinct places the town of Luxor, with a population of 100,000, on the east bank of the Nile, the village of Karnak and its immense temple 4km north on the same bank and the Theban nacropolis on the west bank of the river opposite Luxor and Karnak.


Hurghada has become one of the foremost resorts on the Red Sea and has developed into an area that is a haven for holidaymakers and divers alike. Those who choose holidays in Hurghada enjoy the resort's great mix of hotels, shops, restaurants and nightlife plus some fine dive sites and easy access to the rest of the southern Red Sea. Hurghada has no real centre, being a large, spread-out resort - but the Harbour area of Sekkala offers a good range of facilities, while other locations are ideal for peace and relaxation.For divers, the Hurghada area offers a variety of off-shore dive sites offering challenges for the more experienced diver, including a multitude of reefs, walls and wrecks, and about 10 islands, which can be visited on day trips from Hurghada, where sharks, giant eels and manta rays can be found in deeper waters... Do not miss it!

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh, The most extraordinary diving destination in Red Sea, Egypt. Sharm el Sheikh is on the Southeast of the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. This beautiful area is between the mountains of Mount Sinai and the Red Sea on the other. It is known as jewel of the Sinai. Its history going back several thousands of years. Sharm el Skeikh is very attractive as a resort that has high quality of hotels, nature/water sports and golf courses. The Red Sea is great for scuba diving, snorkeling and family fun. Sharm el Skeikh is one of Egypt's popular holiday destinations.

Sharm El Sheikh is basically divided into three main regions:

Na'ama Bay: This long sandy bay was where the first hotel appeared in the early eighties. The development of the shore-line on this bay is now complete and the seafront boasts a beautiful paved walkway, lined with bougainvillaea and oleander, following the full sweep of the bay. Na'ama Bay is the target for tourists in the evenings. This is where you will find many shops, restaurants, bars and 'Sheesha' cafes.

Ras Um Sid Cliff: This is the cliff top area that links Na'ama Bay and the bay of Sharm El Maya. Ras Um Sid is centrally situated about 5 minutes drive from Sharm in one direction and Na'ama in the other. Ras Om El Seed also is famous for its coral reefs, has a very high cliff where many hotels are situated.

Sharm El May: This is the name given to the bay area old town of Sharm El Sheikh. The picturesque bay is a natural Harbour and home to many small boats. The beautiful sandy beach has a profusion of palm trees providing natural shade for the sun loungers. This beach area of Sharm El Maya has only recently been developed with 5* hotels, and the old town is only a short walk away.
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Tour In Egypt has been operating since 2000. Mr. Belal Bahgat started the firm. We have worked in tourism for more than 10 years, and built an excellent name and reputation in that field.
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