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Egypt's 10 Must See Attractions and Sites
Egypt is a wonderful country to visit as a tourist and there are a number of attractions and sites which are worth considering. Below a look at 10 attractions you might want to consider on your trip to Egypt.

1. The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx - Anyone who comes to Egypt might want to make the pyramids and the Sphinx top of their list. You gain a sense of overwhelming awe when surrounded by their grandeur, their size and presence. Most tour operators run tours around the areas of both, although they cannot take you inside and anyone wishing to do so must purchase tickets for themselves.

2. The Mummification Museum - Based in Luxor, discover the secret life of embalming and mummification even down to which tools were use. But, do not expect to only witness human mummies because you will also find the mummies of past creatures as well. A little creepy, but well worth a visit!

3. Pharos - Also in Luxor, Pharos is the second of Egypt's Seven Wonders of the World (the Great Pyramid being the first). Originally built as a landmark in terms of navigation, it eventually became a lighthouse before being partially destroyed by several earthquakes.

4. The Valley of the Kings - The Valley of the Kings was the last resting place for many members of royalty during ancient Egyptian times, but non more famous than Tutankhamen. Located in the West from Luxor, across the Nile, you can explore the old tombs. But, be aware that during the hot summer months, the tombs can get excruciatingly hot and it is advised that you visit in November to March.

5. The Nile - The Nile has always been the lifeline of Egypt, without it, civilization would never have been able to survive in the hot and desolate deserts. The best way to see the Nile is by Cruise, and there are plenty of them. But if you fancy something else, try taking a felucca (a small sailing boat) instead.

6. The Egyptian Museum - The Egyptian Museum is a must for anyone with even a vague interest in Ancient Egyptian history. With over 120,000 artifacts, including sculptures, and even nine mummies to see, you will gain an immense incite into how the Ancient Egyptians probably lived. The museum can be found in Cairo.

7. Cairo - Cairo is Egypt's capital, and it can be loved and hated, at the very same time, for its dust and hotness, but then for it's sheer beauty and elegance. Religion is very important to Egyptians, and Cairo is filled with Islamic mosques. The bazaars can be wonderful places to buy little trinkets that make wonderful gifts for family and friends, but be wary all of the time. We can also find the ancient site of the Roman settlement Babylon here.

8. Abu Simbel - Abu Simbel can be found near the Great Pyramids. The two temples that make up Abu Simbel are hidden behind enormous Pharaoh Monuments, that tower above your head, and were thought to have been built for Ramesses II. Natural sunlight gives the tourist a truly unique light show as it flows into the inner sanctum.

9. Karnak - Karnak is the home to one of Egypt's greatest temples. It is also in Karnak that you can find a row of ram-headed Sphinxes, unusual, because a Sphinx usually has the head of a man. The temple is enormous, and would probably take several days to explore its entirety.

10. Siwa Oasis - The Western desert, not far from Libya, is where you would find the Siwa desert, and it is the most remote oasis town in Egypt. Here the locals speak their own native language, and are famous for their magnificent hot springs, that are always popular.
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