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Traveldir.org features a collection of Egypt travel, vacation and hotels related articles. Please feel free to submit your travel guide, personal travelogue, Egypt hotel guide or any other travel related story.
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Egypt Travel Articles
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Egypt Travel Articles:
Enjoy Mesmerizing Tour of Egypt
Egypt is ideal holiday tour destination which is highly popular in tourist from all across the world. Approx. 8.5 million tourists visit this beautiful country round the year and the number touch to 1 ...

Tour in Egypt
CairoCairo is not only the largest city in Africa and the capitol of Egypt, it is also the political and cultural pivot of the Arab world. Its Egypt Tours and Jordan Tourspopulation of around 15 milli ...

Tourist Guide to Getting to and around in Egypt
There are several ways of traveling into Egypt, although by air is by far the most popular. If traveling to Egypt by plane, there are six airports that you could fly into: two in Alexandria, Aswan, Ca ...

Egypt's 10 Must See Attractions and Sites
Egypt is a wonderful country to visit as a tourist and there are a number of attractions and sites which are worth considering. Below a look at 10 attractions you might want to consider on your trip t ...

Egypt and a Guide to Egyptian Styles of Dance
The Egyptian style of dance places a stronger emphasis on the finer movements of the human body and is far more conservative than Turkish dances, although they have a similarity to the Lebanese dance ...

10 Reasons to visit Luxor in Egypt
Luxor, Egypt is a great place to visit if you are looking to understand Egyptian culture and history. For those interested in architecture and Egyptian religion, Luxor is a must see. Luxor is best known for its many temples and historical sites. It is also a great region to but authentic Egyptian souvenirs and handicrafts.

Egypt's Al-Nitaq Festival
The Al-Nitaq Festival of Art takes place annually during February or March in the vibrant city of Cairo. It showcases visual art, music, film, theatre and poetry in venues throughout the city. The Nit ...

Holidays to the Land of the Pharaohs
Holidays to Egypt are ideal for those whose idea of a holiday involves rather more than just lazing on a beach in the sun. It's a reasonable point of view after all you don't really have to travel tho ...

A Guide to Shopping in Egypt
When in Rome, do as the Romans and when in Egypt? If it's shopping, there's only one place to go for shopping 'under one roof'. The Khan el-Khalili in Cairo. Of course, if looking for alabaster, Luxo ...

A Guide to River Cruises for your Egypt Vacation
If you like to just sit back and drift into an ancient civilization then take one of the many cruises on the Nile. Cruises usually range from seven to fourteen days, so depending on how deep your wal ...

A Guide to the Sites of the Red Sea, Egypt
Modern Egypt is far removed from the imagery of the ancient Pharoahs, but relics of its glorious past remain in myriad forms from pyramids to sarcophagi. The Red Sea (sometimes considered a misnomer f ...

Flying to Egypt: A Brief Guide to Getting to Egypt
Egypt is a land of unparalleled intrigue, with its rich history, culture and astounding array of attractions that visitors from all over the world take pains to see at least once in their lifetime. Th ...

What Tourists Like To See On Their Vacations In Egypt
Egypt is a great country for you to go on holiday to and is home to some of the best holiday home accommodation in this part of the world. Many holiday makers like to come to Egypt on a family holiday ...

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple is one of the most famous ancient Egyptian monuments. In this article, we get to know about the temple and how it was relocated.

Take a Cruise on the Nile
Many companies operate cruises on the Nile River... 3 days, 5 days, and 8 days. If you have the time and the money, it is strongly recommended that you take the 8-day cruise, or you'll always wish yo ...

Visit the Ancient Temples of Abu Simbel
The plight of the huge temple complex of Abu Simbel focused the attention of the world on southern Egypt and its controversial construction of the High Dam. As one of the many temples put in jeopardy ...

Alexandria City Guide - Sights to See
The city of Alexandria was founded by chance. After Alexander had conquered Egypt, he set out to visit the Oracle of Amon. On his way across the Delta, he was struck by this area, which had a natural, ...

Egypt - Facts for Tourists
Visa: A visa is required. Contact Egyptian Consulate or a visa service. Jewelry, electrical gadgets, cameras, must be listed with your cash/travel checks on your customs declaration form (given to yo ...

Travel To Egypt: Miles Of Nile And Worlds Of Wonder
Egypt is consistently the top destination for world travel each and every year - and not surprisingly so. The country uniquely bridges the African and Asian continents across the Suez Canal by possess ...

The Red Sea in Egypt for Scuba Diving
For many Europeans, traveling to the Red Sea for scuba diving is like many North Americans going to the Caribbean. For a scuba diver based in North America or anywhere else outside of Europe or Africa ...

Visiting Egypt - A Travelogue
This was my 5 week sojourn into the history of ancient civilization, to see a country where old and new blend together, from the Pyramids to the ultra modern Opera House, from Camel rides to Diving in ...

The Magnificent Egypt
Egypt is bordered by Libya on the west, Sudan on the south, & on Israel & Gaza Strip on the northeasterly. Egypt's significant role in geopolitics stems from its strategical position: a transc ...